BART owner Chris Brown 

BART is a family owned and operated bar, arcade and gallery run by Chris and Adrian Brown, located in the heart of the Mills50 District of Orlando.

The formula is a perfect blend of finely crafted beers with a splash of local art, surrounded by classic arcade games from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. BART transports you away from the daily grind and back to the happiest places of your youth.

“So, how did it all begin, and who’s BART?” you ask.

It was a crisp clear evening in the not-so-distant past… wait, who are we kidding, it was probably raining… this is Orlando after all. Regardless of the weather, Chris and a few friends got together at a local watering hole and had the typical “you know what would be cool,” conversation. “What if there was a place to go where you could enjoy some of the best bottled beers on the planet and play some classic, stand-up arcade games?” The wheels kept turning for Chris—and, with help from his wife, Adrian—they began work on making BART a reality.

This is the part in the story where we would give you an awesome 80’s movie montage all about BART’s build out, but someone forgot to hit record on the Betamax camera, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Now about our name. Back before any “you know what would be cool,” conversations, Chris had a dream to open a clean, comfortable bar. A place where, um… everyone knows your name?!? During the height of the art-bar movement Chris came up with a simple yet elegant name for his dream-bar. How great it would be to just combine Bar with Art… and boom, BART was born. What? You thought there would be something more mysterious to the name? Nah, we like to keep it easy, except for our classic video games section which is even harder than we remember. Come on Donkey Kong, please slow down your barrel rolls, sheesh!

So there you have it, the beginning of a new place where friends get together and enjoy local art and classic video games, all while savoring the tasty perfection of craft brews.


What people are saying:

“The owners of BART, Chris and Adrian Brown, say they wanted to open a place that served good beer and classic arcade games in a friendly environment — and that’s exactly what they’ve done.”
—Orlando Weekly

“With a clean layout of urban art and a solid menu of craft beers for the cool kids … true old-schoolers will be drawn to BART’s classic mini-arcade.”
—Orlando Sentinel

“Grab your BMXs and jump some clay hills and head on over to BART for nostalgia and brew.”
—The Daily City

“BART blends retro video games, art and beer for a unique bar experience.”

“BART [is] a new gallery, bar and arcade combined into one funky venue.”

“The passion for retro gaming [is] seemingly shared by all…”
—The Orlando Narrative

“What happens when you mix difficult classic arcade games—a’la Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong—craft beers and an art gallery? Angry video gamers and happy drunks with a more cultured edge.”


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